Hokamix 30 Classic

Hokamix 30 Classic


Hokamix30 Classic Powder cleanses the system and improves metabolism. This is a pure herbal mixture of 30 herbs that contains natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements.


Each of these herbs has its own important function in the body and is very effective.


Added to the daily diet Hokamix ensures your dog receives a complete and balanced meal and optimises the natural ingredients which can be destroyed in your dog's food during manufacturing processes, storage or other influences.


Use as:

a supplement for puppies (especially large breeds) to support active animals (agility, racing, sports) as a therapy after illness or for old dogs


Can be added to dry or wet food. Improves metabolism and compensates for deficiencies caused by poor nutrition

  • For a strong musculoskeletal system
  • For a magnificent coat
  • Supports all organs