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Meet The Team


Grooming is her passion. Laurie has always been a dog person lives her dream each and every day by coming to work. She loves a good challenge and tries her best to make sure every single dog gets a chance to look and feel beautiful. Creative grooming is also a passion Laurie is hoping to pursue that in the near future.


 Dog Groomer


Dog Groomer

Brooke is a full-time groomer who specializes in grooming Golden retrievers. She's always had strong interest in showing & breeding of this particular breed. She goes to local dog shows all year round and is continuously learning the genetics & grooming of golden retrievers. She has groomed multiple show lines & field lines for 3+ years, while also practicing grooming needs of other breeds. She has always had a strong passion for animals since she was a toddler. Now, in her 20’s she has pursued her dreams working as a vet assistant at an emergency animal clinic and dog grooming full time. She has previous experience owning her own pet care & grooming company. Brooke has a background of dogs, dogs & more dogs; she was born and raised around dogs and cats. She currently has a show line golden retriever and a Siamese cat of her own.  


Yu Shan

Dog Groomer

An extremely talented groomer who has a love of dogs. She is patient and always strives for perfection. Her work speaks for itself.


Dog Groomer

Marty is known for her calm personality and attention to detail when it comes to her craft. She has groomed some of the most difficult dogs and every groom she does, she makes sure it meets her high standards.



Cat and Dog Groomer

Lyna has over 20 years experience in both dog and cat grooming. She takes pride in her work and is fast and efficient to make sure your pet looks great without being stressed.


Dog Groomer

Crystal is one of our newest groomers at Bark. An extremely talented groomer with a great personality and a calm demeanour.

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